The Yeşilırmak Basin is situated in the Central Black Sea Region in Anatolia; with its fertile land, the Basin has been the home for many peoples and cultures for 7500 years. This land, from which the Hittite civilization emerged, has been a site where cultures existed in succession. Covering the cities of Amasya, Çorum, Samsun and Tokat, the Yeşilırmak Basin is unique in that cultures in this region did not destroy one another and, instead, chose the improve their values through synthesis. In this respect, the Yeşilırmak has been a source of life and various cultures thanks to its blessing nature. The Basin, blessed with its pure bright waters, has left us a colorful, harmonious mosaic of cultures.

Visit the Amasya Museum, Çorum Museum, Samsun Museum, and Tokat Museum to discover the Yeşilırmak Basin, as well as the multicolored cultural pattern that developed in this region.

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