With its unique history of about seven and a half thousand years, the Yeşilırmak Basin, as well as the areas around the region, has been a meeting point for various civilizations and peoples.

The Yeşilırmak Basin serves the function of providing an awareness of this shared feature, of leading people realising the importance of this unique feature.

The Union for the Development of the Yeşilırmak Basin has been founded so that regional development can be maintained, cultural and natural assets can be protected for future generations, and problems can be solved by the coordinated effort of different institutions.

The Development Project for the Yeşilırmak Basin, undertaken by the Union for the Development of the Yeşilırmak Basin, comprises the cities of Amasya, Çorum, Samsun and Tokat; the Project is a regional development model which, within the framework of a planned effort for the overall development of the region that rests within the category of developing sections in Turkey, has been designed with the aim of promoting the region to the category of developed regions by means of a concept of local management.

Among the Project aims are such issues as taking essential measures so that pollution in the Yeşilırmak River and its branches can be prevented, carrying out all essential activities to enable social, cultural and financial improvement in all residential areas within the Basin and, to these ends, collaborating with related public and private institutions and establishments.

We are fully aware that the Project, as it covers a wide spectrum of issues ranging from agriculture and tourism to the improvement of living standards and prevention of

environmental pollution, is vital for Turkey as well as it is for the region, and we firmly believe that our aim will be shared, adopted and improved by the public in general.


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